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Special interview Vol,4 with【La Maison de Lylis Designer│Kasai Mika 】

Special interview Vol,4 with【La Maison de Lylis Designer│Kasai Mika】

" crinkle crinkle crinkle " pop-up store will be held at Newman Shinjuku from October 30th (Monday). As a special project, we created a hat in collaboration with `` La Maison de Lylis ''. `` crincle crinkle crinkle '' director Hirokazu Kanehara and his friend, `` La Maison de Lylis '' designer Mika Kasai, will talk about the process and design.

Kanehara: Even back when I didn't know Mika-chan, I loved Maison de Lilith and wore it. The hats that this person makes have such individuality that when you look at them, you think, ``Wow?'' But if you put a little effort into them, they can go with anything. I think it's more for the chosen than for everyone, and the same goes for crinkle clothes.

Kasai :Rather than being buried in so many things, it would be better if someone looked at it twice and said, ``Oh?'' (laughs)

Kanehara: I get looked at twice as a person ( lol ) .

Kasai Kanehara stands out ( lol ) . I first found out about Mr. Kanehara through Instagram. There are some wonderful people wearing the hats I made. I basically make it for women, but I wanted men to wear it too, so Mr. Kanehara is a pioneer in my opinion. So I sent him a DM and said, ``Please come to the exhibition if you'd like.'' It's a strange thing, and Mr. Kanehara is the perfect Cinderella size! We had mutual acquaintances, and we became good friends.

Kanehara : I have the same way of thinking. I don't want to call it ``unisex,'' but men can wear women's clothes, women can wear men's clothes, and anyone can wear them as long as they're the right size.

Kasai : The things we make are different, but the feeling is similar.

Kanehara : So when I heard that I wanted to do something special for the Crinkle pop-up, I immediately wanted to collaborate with Maison de Lilith. At that time, I was actually feeling a bit confused. I was shown only fashion that was so steeped in capitalism that I felt a sense of déjà vu in a bad way. As a reaction to that, I was always looking at haute couture instead of pret.

Kasai understands. You want to be excited.

Kanehara : Around this time, Newman Shinjuku's entire store was centered on the theme of "art." Haute couture is close to art because it is a place of experimentation. I often hear the phrase, "Designers don't become artists," and in fact, there was a time when I thought that way too, but the fact that I've come this far and am drawn to it means that I'm not good enough with fashion. I think what I don't have is a sense and mind that is similar to that of an artist. Whether you are an amateur or an artist, the idea of ​​coming up with something that doesn't exist and giving form to your inspiration is the same. I think Mika-chan is exactly that kind of person. After I finish my collection, I go on a trip, input art and cityscapes into my empty mind, and think about how to express things found in nature. Her one-of-a-kind handmade hats also add a touch of art to everyday fashion items.

In fact, I would like to do all the final finishing touches myself, as I value the process of putting in my own hands, not just the Kasai craftsmen! That's what I think. But with regular products, it's impossible to do everything, so when it comes to collaborations like this, I'm happy to be able to do everything by hand. It's fun both as art and as a craftsman.

Kanehara 's sense of style is art, but the basic functionality and ease of use is also appealing.

Kasai :The hats I made in collaboration with Krinkle are also made by hand one by one. First, the first point is the double brim part. When craftsmen fit the felt along the wooden pattern, the edge of the brim tends to float, so they wrap a piece of octopus string around it and pull it tight, and this is actually the groove that is created at that time. This is something that is always done in the process of making any hat, but the second tier at the bottom of hats that are usually sold is neatly cut off. I didn't add anything, I just left the work process as it was and arranged it. You wouldn't think of this unless you were making hats with your own hands, right? That's why it's fun.

Kanehara : Yes, when I wear this hat, people ask me, ``Are you wearing two hats?'' ( lol ) . Since it's close to your face, it naturally catches your eye, and that's where communication is born.

Kasai : Yes, I like hats as a communication tool. I think it would be great if it was ``wearable art''.

KaneharaAnd the star-shaped design is also worth looking at! It doesn't stand out for a moment, but it looks really nice when the light shines through it, and when you actually wear it and change the angle of your face, it looks different and refreshing. When something is made by hand, it feels amateurish in a good way, which is what makes it so interesting as art.

Kasai 2023 AW's Crinkle theme was " BLACK FANTASY ", so the stars aligned. I pulled this out all by hand ( lol ) . The special version, which is made to order, has each star cut out one by one and hung from the metal fittings.

Kanehara : This is truly art. Haute couture. I can see stars in my field of vision like a merry-go-round, and it makes me want to shake my head (lol).

Kasai: The design of this collaboration hat was created by linking various things, such as the atmosphere of Crinkle's visual photography, the exhibition, and Mr. Kanehara's everyday fashion. I also ordered some clothes, so I was wondering what kind of hat I would like to pair with them. If Maison de Lilith were a stand-alone product, even if they had come up with the star shape, they wouldn't have done it.

Kanehara : That's what makes collaboration so fun! I don't really decide on a design and ask for a design, but rather than my own, I'm happier when the other person's feelings come out and they betray me. This time as well, we both respect each other and know what we like, so the whole process went very smoothly.

Kasai: That's right. No one walks around wearing just a hat, right? Of course, I've always loved hats, but when I was young I wanted to be a clothing designer, so I've always loved hats with clothes. That's why collaborating with clothing brands is so much fun! When it comes to hats, we tend to think of them in terms of the balance from the neck up, but I believe that the atmosphere created by the hat and the person wearing it is important, and that's the most important thing for a brand.

The same goes for the visuals of Kanehara Maison de Lilith. Even though it's a photo of a hat, the main focus is on the whole body, and sometimes the hat is barely visible (lol).

Kasai : That's a policy. I'd like the photo to show that there's a hat on, but it doesn't have to be in the photo at all. I want to sell ``style'' rather than hats.

Kanehara understands. Rather than trying to see everything at first, it's more fun to visualize what's next and let your imagination run wild.

■ Information

crinkle crinkle crinklePOP UP STORE
Date: October 30 , 2023 (Monday) - November 15 , 2023 (Wednesday)
Location: NEWoMAN Shinjuku 2F Event Space Time: Weekdays and Saturdays 11:00-20:30 / Sundays and holidays 11:00-20:00

*Online store will start selling from 12:00 on Monday, November 6th

REGULAR ¥18,700 ( tax included )
color: BLACK / BEIGE

STAR HOLE ¥23,100 ( tax included )
color: BLACK / BEIGE

STAR MERRY ¥30,800 ( tax included )
color: BLACK

-La Maison de LylisDesigner

Mika Kasai

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College's Department of Apparel Design, he worked as a hat designer for various companies before starting Maison de Lilith in 2014 . At the same time, he taught himself how to make hats using the old-fashioned method using wooden molds. He also specializes in making fully custom-made hats.

Instagram: @micakasaiiasak

La Maison de Lyllis: @lamaisondelyllis

-crinkle crinkle crinkleBrand director

Hirokazu Kinbara

For many years, he worked in planning and sales at a textile design company, where he was in charge of collections, maison brands, and select shops. Currently, she is running a textile design team at an apparel company while also forecasting trends and serving as a brand director and designer.

Instagram: @kin.summer.summer.

crinkle crinkle crinkle : @crinkle.official


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