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Special interview Vol,4 with【La Maison de Lylis Designer│Kasai Mika】

"crinkle crinkle crinkle" pop-up store will be held at Newman Shinjuku from October 30th (Monday).
Therefore, as a special project, a collaboration hat with "La Maison de Lylis" was realized.
``Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle'' director Hirokazu Kanehara and his friend, ``La Maison de Lylis'' designer Mika Kasai, will talk about the process and design.
Kanehara: Originally from a time when I didn't know Mika-chan...

Special interview Vol,3 with 【CURRENTAGE Designer│Tsukazaki Eriko】

Hirokazu Kanehara, the director of ``Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle,'' invites people who want to know more at the time to have a conversation.
This time's guest is Eriko Tsukazaki, the designer of CURRENTAGE, who has been my friend for 20 years.
As creators of the same clothes, we each share our current mood and fashion...

Special interview Vol,2 with 【MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN MANAGER│Yasuko Furuta】

"crinkle crinkle crinkle x MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN" pop-up store will be held at Fujii Daimaru from April 19th.
crincle crinkle Crinkle director Hirokazu Kanehara and his friend, MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN buyer and shop manager who will be opening the store together...

Director's interview Vol,1 "Thoughts put into making clothes"

February 27th, 2023 Interview with Director Kinbara's thoughts on making crinklecrinklecrinkle clothes.
“crinkle crinkle crinkle” just debuted in spring/summer 2023.
``Be honest about how you feel at the moment...