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Special interview Vol,2 with 【MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN MANAGER│Yasuko Furuta】

Special interview Vol,2 with 【MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN MANAGER│Yasuko Furuta】

" crinkle crinkle crinkle×MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN " pop-up store will be held at Fujii Daimaru from April 19th .

Hirokazu Kanehara, director of crincle crinkle crinkle , and Yasuko Furuta, buyer and shop manager of MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN , who is also a friend and will be opening a store together, will talk about the background and highlights of the event.

I first met Yasunee Kanehara (Mr. Furuta) when I stopped by MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN as a customer. The free atmosphere of the shop was comfortable, and as I talked, I connected with my friends and people around me. Since then, we have gotten along like a family.

Furuta : Right after the store opened in September 2021 , Mr. Kanehara came to visit us, and at first glance I realized that he was no ordinary person (lol). So, what kind of person is he? I was curious and talked to him. When I was interviewed by a magazine, I also appeared in customer snaps. Next, I am the person who gives me the opportunity to appear on YouTube , go out to eat, and expand my world in many ways.

Kanehara : I think I'm also receiving a lot from Yasushi. MAIDENS is not just about going shopping, it's about sharing other things as well. When I go to a store, I can find clothes that move me, and as a creator, I can receive information, stimulation, and inspiration. There are many brands that are thrown away, and although sales are important, this approach wears out the creators. Overseas, brands that operate naturally have more power, and MAIDENS and crinkle have a very comfortable relationship where they can share that feeling and respect each other. So, this time as well, when it was decided that we would have a pop-up at Fujii Daimaru, and we were wondering if we could create an interesting project that would create some kind of synergistic effect with " crinkle x 〇〇" rather than just opening a store, we asked. I was allowed to do it.


Furuta MAIDENS had never opened a store in Kansai before, so when we were approached, we wondered what would happen if we opened a store together. I was so excited. Mr. Kanehara's creations, including his own styling, have a good balance between fashion, vintage, and craft feel, and I think that quality is reflected in crinkle . MAIDENS is also conscious of this in its styling, so I think there is a link there.


Kanehara : Yes, this is the part that is linked to the brand's origins. Yasu-nee understands my feelings very well, and she has a strong love for fashion, handcraft-like kindness, and clothes. I also like the mix of men's and women's styles. MAIDENS is a style that perfectly expresses the style of clothing that is not unisex, but is meant for both men and women, and then mixes them up.I'm addicted to it.


For the Furuta pop-up, it would be great if we could create an interesting effect by mixing the atmosphere of crinkle and the atmosphere of MAIDENS . Although there is no collaboration as an item, this event itself is a collaboration = "something is born." I would be happy if the people who visited us could feel that.

Kanehara: That's right. This time, the hearts of people matched well, and rather than being in work mode, I would be happy if we could do something together! We started with this mindset, so I hope that will be the atmosphere of the pop-up shop. For better or worse, I think "having fun happily" is an element that is missing in current fashion. I think it's because the people themselves feel excited about both buying and customer service that customers can enjoy it too. I hope that both we and the people who came to the pop-up can be happy together, and that we can send love to the Kansai region like that.


crinkle crinkle crinkle×MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN


Date: April 19th (Wednesday) – 25th (Tuesday) , 2023

Location/Fujii Daimaru 2 F THE SPACE FUJII DAIMARU

At `` crinkle crinkle crinkle ,'' the white fringe skirt, the brand's icon series, is now available as a POPUP limited color. At " MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN ", those who make a purchase will receive a novelty tote bag (until supplies last).

- 『 MAIDENS SHOP WOMENBrand director / Buyer

Yasuko Furuta

After experiencing sales at a certain select shop, she quit her job and joined Maiden Company Co., Ltd. when she became pregnant and gave birth. After working in sales and planning for imported brands, she has been involved with MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN since its launch, and currently serves as director, buyer, and store manager.

2-20-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Instagram: @maidensshop_women


- 『 crinkle crinkle crinkleBrand director

Hirokazu Kinbara

For many years, he worked in planning and sales at a textile design company, where he was in charge of collections, maison brands, and select shops. Currently, she is running a textile design team at an apparel company while also forecasting trends and serving as a brand director and designer.

Instagram: @kin.summer.summer.


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