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crinkle crinkle crinkle
We will be holding our first POPUP STORE at NEWoMan SHINJUKU M2 from February 27th (Monday) to March 15th (Wednesday).

“crinkle crinkle crinkle”, a new brand debuting in spring/summer 2023, is an apparel brand that freely and magically expresses the feelings you feel at any given time.
Using natural materials such as cotton and silk, we offer clothes that are full of love and that you can wear in your own way.

Jacket 26,400 yen / Pants 19,800 yen / *Bare top reference product quilting gown jacket 26,400yen
sheer cotton 3D embroidery easy pants 19,800yen

Bolero 27,500 yen sheer cotton 3D embroidery bolero 27,500yen

A sheer cotton embroidery series made of the brand's signature sheer cotton with delicate 3D embroidery of flower motifs.
The pants have a lining that looks like layered shorts over sheer pants, adding a lightness.
The bolero is made from silk cotton with a tight lining, adding balance to the silhouette.

Camisole 26,400 yen/*Shirt reference product silk cotton hand pleats camisole 26,400yen

This camisole is made of silk cotton fabric with luxurious hand pleats and is recommended for adult women as well.

Skirt 28,600 yen/*Top reference product cotton voil fringe teared skirt 28,600yen

We have a full lineup of products sooner than anywhere else, including fringe tiered skirts, which are made with careful work and are made by cutting each strand into strings and then cutting them to create fringe.
We offer a wide variety of items that will make you look forward to spring.
Please take this opportunity to take a look.

February 27th (Monday) - March 15th (Wednesday)

4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
NEWoMan SHINJUKU M2 Event Space

Weekdays and Saturdays 11:00-20:30 / Sundays and holidays 11:00-20:00
  • Brand Director

For many years, he worked in planning and sales at a textile design company, where he was in charge of collections, maison brands, and select shops. Currently, she is running a textile design team at an apparel company while also forecasting trends and serving as a brand director and designer. His character is also well-received, and he has many hidden fans.

instagram: @kin.summer.summer


crinkle crinkle crinkle × MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN at FUJII DAIMARU

crinkle crinkle crinkle × MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN at FUJII DAIMARU

crinkle crinkle crinkle and MAIDENS SHOP WOMEN will be holding the first POPUP STORE in Kansai. crinkle offers pop-up limited products. ■cotton voil fringe teared skirt - white At MAIDENS SHOP WO...